I started writing C# back in 2005 as a hobby. It did not enter my career path until I had moved to Seattle were the jobs I have had, made it more of a needed skill. I started developing websites in ASP.NET MVC and making it the language of choice. My natural abilities just took over from there. I am now considered by those who know me as a leader in C# development and patterns. I have not forgotten my origins though and still dabble in the PHP around the house.

  • Starbucks.com - ASP.NET Models and Binding to Middle Tier

    I worked on various levels ASP.NET MVC from the UI where I worked on binding view models to views and rendering the content, to the middle tier where I handled data coming from forms and other requests and binding various needs to each of those incoming models for validation and the like. Fairly hard to demonstrate the proprietary code of Starbucks, except with the demonstration that it is working.