About Me

ItanexMedia is the publishing name that I use for my software projects. I would go as far to say that it is my business name, but that's not true. I do not have a business of my own yet. When I actually start my business ItanexMedia will be the name.

Hi, my name is Bryan Wood. My hobbies include computer graphics, games and a bit of programing. Being an avid gamer, I have enjoyed many games. I work as a software developer who has had the need to wear many hats. Most of the time I enjoy working just behind the scenes on the server to interface with services and other network resources. However, I truely love wrapping my hands around HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can find my projects in the coding section of my website.

Here is what your looking for, though I have to appologize, my resume is on request only. I had to remove it after people were 'borrowing' it and I was getting their phone calls. Though you are still welcome to read my Thesis I wrote for my Master's Program a decade ago.